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Chalk Hill Artist Residency


Painting, Photography, Site Specific Installation

Artist Residency

August 2014

During my artist residency at Chalk Hill Artist Residency, I embarked on an intriguing investigation that explored the intersection of environmental art and site-specific installation, titled "Safe Landings". Inspired by the vineyard landscape and terrain of the residency's surroundings, I conceptualized a series of oversized paper airplanes, each uniquely tailored to its specific location.

The process began with an intimate study of the ground, referred to as the "terroir," where each paper airplane would ultimately find its temporary home. Through photography, I captured detailed images of the terroir, documenting the textures, colors, and nuances of the earth beneath my feet.

With these images as my guide, I meticulously printed high-quality replicas onto expansive 9-foot paper sheets. This allowed me to capture the essence of the terroir in intricate detail, ensuring that each paper airplane would seamlessly blend with its environment once folded.

Employing the ancient art of origami, I transformed each printed sheet into a stretched 6-foot paper airplane, carefully folding and sculpting the paper to mimic the aerodynamic form of its smaller counterparts. The result was a series of striking installations that seemed to defy gravity as they soared above the ground.

In total, four paper airplanes were created and placed throughout the residency grounds, each offering a different perspective and interaction with the surrounding landscape. Through this immersive experience, I aimed to challenge perceptions of space, scale, and perspective, inviting viewers to reconsider their relationship with the natural world and the hidden beauty that lies beneath their feet.

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